UFC Performance Of The Night Losers

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an MMA organization that has been running since late 1993. Since that time, it’s gone through many changes both in rulesets, fighters, and payouts. In the early days, you had better believe that you do it for the love of it, rather than earning some massive pay day. Times have changed and fighters are now getting paid for putting their bodies on the line (Some are atleast….). One of the changes over the years is that the UFC introduced a “Knockout of the night” and “Submission of the night” bonuses. These were paid to the fighter on the night who had the most impressive KO or Submission. Recently it’s been changed to “Performance of the night” to reward a fighter for a stand out performance, usually these go to fighters who would have won the old “KO of the night” award, but not always e.g. If there is no KO win on the card at all, or if someone really fought out of their skin and put on a show.

The list of fighters who have won these awards is easy to find on the net. Infact, here is a handy Wikipedia page right here that lists the complete list. But it got me thinking, while this shows the fighters who have won the awards, what about those that have been on the receiving end of an absolute shellacking? I set to find out.

My method was simple. I used the Wikipedia API to pull the UFC Bonus list. From there, I went to each event page and checked who their opponent was, and saved them all into one big file (You can find this file at the end of the post if you wish to do your own stats!). It’s not really perfect for one big reason. Anyone who is on the receiving end of a complete ass kicking several times in a row is likely to be cut from the UFC and go fight elsewhere, but I thought the results would be interesting none the less.

Here are our winners (Or losers depending on which way you look at it), and it’s actually a 4 way tie!

Pat Barry – 5
UFC 161 against Shawn Jordan
UFC on Fox 3 against Lavar Johnson
UFC on Versus 6 against Stefan Struve
UFC on Versus 4 against Cheick Kongo
UFC 115 against Mirko Crocop

It’s probably not that surprising that Pat Barry tops our list if you are an MMA fan. Barry never played it safe and went in there to finish fights (at times at an extreme size difference…). He’s also on the receiving end of one of the most ridiculous comebacks in the history of MMA as seen below.

Matt Hughes – 5
UFC 65 against Georges St Pierre
UFC 79 against Goerges St Pierre
UFC 85 against Thiago Alves
UFC 123 against BJ Penn
UFC 135 against Josh Koscheck

I feel a little bad for Matt Hughes being in this list. The two losses against GSP are likely there because they were huge moments for Georges in his career (Winning the belt), rather than devastating wins. The losses against BJ Penn and Josh Koscheck were when Matt was really over the hill too.

Melvin Guillard – 5
UFC Fight Night 9 against Joe Stevenson
UFC Fight Night 19 against Nate Diaz
UFC on FX 1 against Jim Miller
UFC 136 against Joe Lauzon
UFC 150 against Donald Cerrone

Poor Melvin. Guillard has a bad habit of letting himself getting choked out (4 of the 5 are submission losses). Guillard has also been on the winning side of Performance of the Night bonuses 3 times, so it’s not all bad.

Sam Stout – 5
TUF 3 Finale against Kenny Florian
TUF Nations Finale against KJ Noons
UFC 161 against James Krause
UFC 185 against Ross Pearson
UFC Fight Night 74 against Frankie Perez

Sam Stout unfortunately makes the list right at the tail end of his career. His last 3 fights were all brutal losses (And if you extend it, 4 out of his last 5 fights are the ones above).

So that’s it! If you want to have a play around with the list yourself, I’ve uploaded the CSV file here and you can pull your own stats.

If you’re interested in a bit of the technical details. I’ve uploaded a Github C# Gist with the code as I wrote it. I had one eye on my other screen trying to finish off Narco’s (I can’t believe it’s taken me that long to watch this show…), so it’s not that clean. You will need to nuget the package “Linq2Wiki” and “HtmlAgilityPack” to really get it working, but it’s more just there if you want to be a bit nosey, not if you want to run it. It got a little messy towards the end as the HTML on wikipedia sometimes gets a bit hectic, and rather than going for an elegant solution this time around, I just wanted to finish the damn thing 🙂 I should also note that the program doesn’t manage to pull 100% of the data, I had to clean it up at the end manually. Mostly because of names that don’t always get spelled the same on Wikipedia (e.g. Georges St-Pierre or Georges St.Pierre). But it will get you 99% of the way there!

UFC Performance Of The Night Losers